10 Fun Facts

10 Fun Facts

Facts are fun, who doesn't love a good fact?! So here's 10 about me:

1. I am an early bird! I naturally wake up the latest 4am lol most days I am up by 3am. I feel more energized and productive in my day when I am up this early. I call it my "zen time" because it is when I get to enjoy the silence and calm of being alone before the rest of the world wakes up.

2. I am a travel addict! I love love love to travel! My list of places is quite expansive that I want to go to (yes it includes Antarctica). I am trying to see all 50 USA states as well and have about 19 to go! I have to say though, International travel is probably my favorite. I love immersing myself in different cultures and seeing the ways of life in other countries.

3. I am up early enough and late enough (7-8pm is bedtime haha) to see the sunrise and sunset each day!

4. I go to Targè when I am bored lol like actually though and sometimes I will just walk around, grab starbucks and not even buy anything! I'm just nosey and like to see if they got anything new and good.

5. I hate coffee. I never liked it despite how much I tried to I just could not get past the taste! I am a green tea lover though! But, it has to be plain and hot, the stronger the better (I usually use 4 tea bags at once, no joke).

6. My dream is to work for myself one day as my own boss. I have so many business ideas and it's hard to pick and focus on just one! 

7. I got stuck in a small elevator on a ferry once and now I have a huge phobia of elevators and small spaces.

8. I am a Long Island local born and raised! Therefore I live "ON" Long Island (my fellow locals will understand or if you know you know lol)

9. I go for daily walks because being in the fresh air is so rejuvenating to me. Yes I have even gone on my daily walks in the snow and rain before. I am not kidding when I say I do not miss one day!

10. I have a thing about grocery stores.... whenever I go somewhere like a new place, different state etc... and I notice their grocery stores are different than the ones back home I have to go and check them out to see what kind of products they have. Like they could have some super cool super yummy thing I don't have back home, so of course I would want to try it out! My all time favorite grocery store is Jungle Jim's in Ohio. If you ever find yourself in Ohio, Jungle Jim's is THE PLACE you must see! It is like being at Disney World in the ultimate grocery store on steroids.

So there we have it folks! 10 fun "quirky" little facts about me. Now I wanna get to know you guys! Share 10 facts about you :)

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