Answers To Frequent Questions I Get Asked

Answers To Frequent Questions I Get Asked

There's lots of frequent questions I get asked on the daily, so I thought I would compile some of them and answer them here so you always know the answer :) If I missed any or you have additional questions you can leave them in the comment section and I will answer them! Now lets get your questions answered...

"How did you get your hair so LONG! What is your secret?!"

  • I honestly don't have a secret. I just don't really cut it, or if I do it is like 1/2 inch once every 3 months. I always condition, but keep washing to a minimum. I don't brush it too often as I feel brushing causes breakages and thinning. I follow a high protien diet and take the necessary vitamins and supplements for my body which I feel has helped a bunch! I will go more into depth in my ebook and FREE PDF guide I have coming for you guys.

"What is your workout routine?"

  • I would say that I don't really have a routine. It varies and I kinda just listen to what my body is feeling. I love getting my daily walk/ run in each day hitting my 10k steps. I will usually do weights 4x per week for 30 mins, then 3x per week some light cardio. I also like to do light pilates type excersises and yoga. Just any activity that keeps me active.

"Are you vegan?"

  • No, I was never a full vegan. I was vegetarian and also have been pescatarian for 7+ years, but started having gut issues and health issues because of all the processed vegetarian crap I was eating. So I do eat chicken again and eat foods in their whole natural form, nothing processed. I never thought I would go back to chicken, but it has been the best decision I have made!


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