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Is This Electric Car Really Worth The Hype?

The latest, the greatest, the most high tech and one of a kind in its industry. Some may even say it's in a class of its own. But is the Tesla really worth all the hype it gets?

Now I am going to be honest with you all, I have been a Tesla model 3 owner for two years now after I spontaneously bought one (yes I really did spontaneously buy a Tesla). I had wanted a Tesla since the first model ever came out and I sat in one 4 years prior telling myself I would own one one day. Little did I know 4 years later fast forward and I would. Little 19 year old me would be proud, but 22 year old me soon came to realize that as amazing as the car is, the technology and electric concept is a bit ahead of its time to be really practical in this day and age.

As someone who is a road trip buff, the Tesla isn't exactly the most convenient or best choice for that. Oh and don't even get me started on how terrible the battery is in the cold weather! It definitely does not like New York winters and if you live in an even colder climate then well.... good luck lol

Check out my full video review below on the Tesla Model 3 and let me know what your opinion is! I would love to hear from fellow Tesla owners and their experiences.



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