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The Only Netflix Movie List You Will Need

Stop what you are doing and SAVE, bookmark, screenshot, share and print this list!!!! Do whatever you have to do to make sure this list is easily accessible to you when it comes time for family movie night! It is an extensive list of movies (81 to be exact) on Netflix and I am sure I could've kept going, but these are just some I found to be particularly good and memorable.

Now if you are anything like me, it can take a while to pick out a movie  ESPECIALLY when there are multiple people's opinions involved. This list gives you enough options to find something everyone will enjoy watching. Check out all my picks below and cut your movie picking time down from 1 hour + to an easy 15 minutes.

Netflix movies to add to your list for movie night:

  1. The Baker and the Beauty
  2. Home Again
  3. Yes Day 
  4. Feel the Beat
  5. A.X.L
  6. Enola Holmes
  7. Thunder Force
  8. The Big Wedding
  9. Moxie
  10. All Together Now
  11. Work It
  12. Finding Ohana
  13. The F**k It List
  14. The “After” Series movies
  15. The Kindness of Strangers
  16. The Perfect Date
  17. Ride Like A Girl
  18. Go Karts
  19. The Outcasts
  20. Falling in the Love
  21. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Movies
  22. We Can Be Heroes
  23. The Lost Husband
  24. Abercrombie & Fitch Documentary
  25. The College Admissions Scandal
  26. The Kissing Booth Series Movies
  27. The Holiday in the Wild
  28. Tall Girl 1 & 2
  29. 2 Hearts 
  30. Lady Driver
  31. Fatherhood
  32. Full Out 1 &2
  33. A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish
  34. BigFoot Family
  35. Radium Girls
  36. Let it Snow
  37. Midnight at the Magnolia
  38. The Prom
  39. Christmas Inheritance
  40. Sierra Burgess is a Loser
  41. Hometown Holiday
  42. Christmas Wedding Planner
  43. The princess Switch Movies
  44. The Last Summer
  45. Operation Christmas Drop
  46. All the Bright Places
  47. A Christmas Prince movies 
  48. The Holiday Calendar
  49. Skylines
  50. Molly’s Game
  51. Can you keep a Secret
  52. Home Team
  53. Just Like Heaven
  54. The Royal Treatment
  55. Rescued by Ruby
  56. This is the Night
  57. Tick Tick BOOM
  58. Mixtape
  59. The Adam Project
  60. Back in the Outback
  61. Little Italy
  62. Resort to Love
  63. The Weekend Away
  64. My Little Pony
  65. Did you hear about the Morgans
  66. Downfall
  67. This little love of mine
  68. VIVO
  69. A week away
  70. Someone Great
  71. Lying and Stealing
  72. Holidate
  73. Afterlife of the Party
  74. Don’t Look up
  75. Extinct
  76. He’s All that
  77. Sweet Girl
  78. A California Christmas Movies
  79. How it ends
  80. Like Father
  81. The Edge of Seventeen


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